Coach “About Me” Page Questionnaire

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For most of us, writing about ourselves is hard. So when filling out this questionnaire, just let it flow. Don’t censor yourself. The writer will take the job of integrating information to make you sound likeable, trustable, and credible. And you can edit out anything you don’t like.

Please answer the questions in this form in your own words as much as possible—instead of simply copy/pasting information from elsewhere—because we want to know what you find important to be included in the content so we can create a unique page for each topic/specialty. Clear and specific answers are best -- not necessarily long ones.

Professional Background/Info

This section allows you to talk about your background as a coach, your philosophy, and what sets your practice apart from others.

(Think about what your path was to becoming a coach.)
(Example: You’ve worked in the corporate world and understand that stress; you’ve experienced trauma, anxiety, depression, etc.; you’ve dealt with the difficulties of child rearing...)

Personal Information

In this section, you can talk about you as a person to make a human connection to the reader. You can be as elaborate as you see fit.

(Please only provide information that you want in your page content.)

Other Information

This is information that can be added anywhere on the page. It’s optional. (If you would like it in a specific place, please explain it here or discuss it during the interview with your writer.)

Extra Information


-- The CounselingWise Writing Team
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