If you want to get a jump on other therapists in your market, you should begin using the new Google Adwords format called ETA. ETA stands for Expanded Text Ads — and they do just that.

As you can see by the images below, the ads take up more space.


And, the new format gives us more room describe your benefits and emotionally draw the click:


How are these ads working so far?

Early analysis, while the ETA ads were in beta test, showed that we should expect a 20% higher click through rate (CTR) on this new format. However, some users are getting not only twice the CTR, but also higher conversion rates on their clicks.


Is there a deadline for adopting Google ETA Ads?

Google is now making ETA’s the standard going forward. “It’s important to take advantage of expanded text ads as soon as possible because after October 26th, 2016, you’ll no longer be able to create or edit standard text ads.”

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