How to Write a Good Meta Title for Your Private Practice Website

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What is a Meta Title?

A Meta Title is a description of a page for search engines and for the users. Your Meta Title should communicate an accurate and concise description of a page’s content – this is both critical for user experience and for the search engine optimization.

In the video above, you’ll see that in search results, the blue text is the Meta Title, also sometimes referred to as the title tag. Beneath the blue Meta Title is the URL and beneath that is the Meta Description.

3 Tips for Writing a Good Meta Title

  1. Your Meta Title needs to be 70 characters or less. 70 characters is the max amount of characters that will appear in a Google search.
  2. Your Meta Title needs to describe your page. Instead of having a generic Meta Title that has your business name and your location, you want to actually include information about the page itself. When someone is searching for Google and you have a good Meta Title, they can actually see what the page is about and Google knows what your page is about as well.
  3. In your Meta Title, include the focus keyword of the page, your location if it fits, and your business name if that fits as well. For example, if your page is about couples therapy, you want to have “couples therapy” in the beginning of the Meta Title, followed by your location, then your business name if it fits.

For two great examples of Meta Titles, please watch the video above.

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