How to Write a Good Meta Description for Your Private Practice Website

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What is a Meta Description?

A Meta description is the text that appears under a title when you do a search in Google. In the video above, you’ll notice on the image on the slide that PTSD treatment is in blue – that’s the Meta Title. The green text is the URL of the page and the grey text is the Meta Description. A Meta Description is the summary of the page that’s appearing on Google.

3 Tips for Writing a Good Meta Description

  1. Keep your Meta Description to 155 character or less. 155 characters is the amount of characters can appear on Google, so you want to make sure that when you’re writing a Meta Description, it falls within those parameters. If you go over 155 characters, they won’t appear in a Google search.
  2. The Meta Description summarizes your page. You want your Meta Description to be a short summary of what is on the page itself, rather than something general like information about your practice, your location, your credential … etc.
  3. Your Meta Description invites readers to click, so you want to really write for the reader and not for Google. Write your Meta Description in a compelling way that makes the reader want to click and learn more about your services and what you can do to help them with their specific issues.

For two great examples of Meta Descriptions, please watch the video above.

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