WordPress Hack Monitor Service


Basic Plan:

The Basic Plan includes malware monitoring, WordPress upgrade detection and updating, plugin upgrades, free SSL Certificate and full website backup.

Malware Monitoring includes scanning of your website every 6 hours as well as the immediate removal of small-scale malware.  If a larger breach is detected, CounselingWise will immediately contact you with a plan and estimate for removal and repair.

WordPress Upgrade detection allows us to make sure your website is always running the most up to date version of WordPress, which decreases your site’s vulnerability to hackers.

Website Backup happens weekly and includes a full backup of your website and all of its files.

Uptime Monitoring means we’ll know if your website goes down, enabling us to fix the problem faster.

Plan Cost: $24/month

Pay ($24/mo):






Pay ($240/yr):


Why a Special Service Hack Monitor Service for WordPress, Anyway?

Because of the popularity of WordPress as a content management system for websites, hackers have stepped up their attacks on sites running WordPress. New versions are released regularly to combat this, as are most popular plugins (as long as the author updates the plugin, which sometimes they don’t).  Security vulnerabilities are a threat for any website, and while a WordPress site is generally safe if kept updated and protected with security plugins, no site is “bulletproof”. If your site has been hacked before, you may be especially vulnerable to new attacks, as hackers can create backdoors or leave scripts in your site that will activate at a later time.

It’s Important to Immediately Detect if Malware Has Infected Your Site

We have teamed up with a website security firm to offer this hack monitoring service. For starters, we will activate all the logs within your hosting account. Then we will monitor them every day, throughout the day, for any changes that occur. If a hacker adds a file, we’ll see it, scan it and remove it.

In addition, we will keep your WordPress installation up to date with the latest stable version (which is sometimes not the most recent version) and keep your plugins updated as well.

You may benefit from this service if:

  • Your site is currently hacked, or you have received a warning from Google or your hosting company about malicious files on your site.
  • Your site has been hacked in the past
  • You don’t update your WordPress version or plugins on a regular basis
  • You are concerned your site may be targeted by hackers, or can’t afford for your website to be down for a substantial length of time.



(Refund Policy: No refunds will be provided.)

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