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Are You Struggling With Marketing Your Practice and Don’t Know Where to Turn?

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There’s a lot of advice flying around about therapy marketing. Advice about how to grow your practice. Advice about what website platform to use and how much content you need on your site. Advice about how to use social media effectively, what therapy directories to list yourself on, how to get your practice to rank in Google+ Local, etc.

Some of this advice is very detailed and helpful, and provided by well-meaning, knowledgeable experts.

But, how much of it applies to YOU?  What are the most important things for you to do in your particular situation and at this particular point in your marketing journey?

What If You Could Find an Expert to Review Your Entire Marketing Picture and Tell You What Needs to Be Done?

If you could have someone who is an expert marketer who knows all about marketing therapy practices review your current marketing set up, wouldn’t that be valuable to you?  You can. We will do it.

We Will Analyze all of Your Marketing and Tell You Where Your Holes Are

Here is what we will study for you:

  • Your website (layout, impression upon the site visitor, navigation, overall content, onsite SEO, marketing assets on site)
  • Your therapy marketing message, itself (how strong is it, how targeted is it, does it lead your site visitor through the emotional experience that will motivate them to take action?)
  • Call to Action:  What “next step” are you asking your potential client to take? Does it make sense?  Is it likely?
  • Exposure / Traffic:  How much traffic are you getting? Is it the right kind of traffic?  What could be improved upon…
    • – Directory listings such as PsychologyToday and
    • – Google My Business listings
    • – On-page search engine optimization (SEO)
    • – Website content that will attract traffic
    • – Social media
  • Your Analytics: Google Analytics tells us a lot about your visitor’s experience on your site (if you have it installed)
  • Possible Penalties:  We will review the links to your site, your site content, and your Google Webmaster Tools account to determine if there are any penalties hurting your ability to rank in Google.

What Will We Do With the Results of This In-Depth Analysis?

After we analyze each of these components of your marketing, we walk you through the analysis in a video.  This ensures that you understand what we are referring to, instead of feeling like you’re just reading a bunch of gibberish. We speak directly to you, referencing only YOUR specific site, and how to improve it. These are not generalities. The video is yours. It goes through every facet of your site and your online presence.

How Much Does This Cost?

We typically spend 6-9 hours analyzing all of your marketing and capturing the analysis in a video for you so that you understand the issues and the solutions. The cost for this service is $297.

To Order

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Important Note:The Therapy Marketing Analysis is a digital report & video walkthrough
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Marketing Analysis

Full report of marketing analysis findings with issues & solutions


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Custom Video

Video walkthrough of our findings with in-depth review & recommendations


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Consulting Call

30-Minute Call with our Strategy Consultant to answer your questions about our findings (normally $150 per hour)


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How Long Will This Take?

Once your order is placed, you will be sent a request for information about your site and your marketing venues (such as what directories you pay for, access to your analytics account, etc.). This will enable us to make sure that we are reviewing all the marketing pieces that you have in place. Once we get that from you, your therapy marketing analysis will be completed within about 2 weeks. This level of attention and detail takes time.

Any Questions?

If so, please feel free to contact us!

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