Have you procrastinated in building your counseling website, or spent tons of time and money establishing an online presence that isn’t getting you new clients?

Perhaps you’ve tried setting up your own site, or you are using a friend who does design work, but you aren’t seeing the results you want?

The Truth is...

  1. Many therapists aren’t necessarily technical or marketing experts, and it is easy to be tempted by cheap counseling websites.
  2. There are many great web designers and developers who, despite their expertise, don’t understand how to write relatable, optimized content or build counseling websites that effectively reach potential therapy and coaching clients.
  3. Others provide therapist website templates that limit your ability to customize content in a way that will actually convert counseling site visitors into paying clients.


What makes a Smart Therapy Website?

Building smart, effective counseling websites, just like treating clients, is about more than finding a fast, cheap answer. When you sign up for the Smart Therapy Websites Program with CounselingWise, you gain access to a team of experts who specialize in design, content development and SEO optimization specifically for coaching and counseling websites. Whether you want to completely overhaul your existing site or this is your first attempt to take your practice online, we can help you reach your goals. Below, you will find an outline of our system.

The first step illustrated on The Full Private Practice Roadmap is to Build, and is included with your STWP membership. Check out the table below to learn about the elements that make up our building process.

What is a niche, and why do most therapists struggle with choosing one?

A niche is a specialization within your practice that, when implemented correctly on your site, is used to directly connect you with potential clients that would benefit from your guidance and expertise. Common niches include anxiety treatment, depression therapy and couples counseling. Discovering your niche, or niches, is a critical first step because when it comes time to develop content for your new site, you will be prepared to address your optimal audience with confidence. Therapists often struggle with niches because:

  1. They feel that they can help everyone, and do not wish to limit themselves to a particular specialization
  2. They define their niche too narrowly, therefore limiting their ability to sustain a viable practice
  3. They do not know how to research the current demand for niches/specialties within their market


We believe in the importance of helping our clients discover their niche so much that we’ve developed a Free Niche Template!

Click the link to above to receive an additional training video, as well as the tools you need to help determine your private practice niche(s) today!


This is the most thorough part of our process, and for good reason! When potential clients are done being impressed by the look and feel of your new site, they will likely start to navigate through the site’s pages. Even if you have the most modern, beautiful website they have ever seen, it will go to waste with no solid content to back it up.

There are a couple options when it comes to developing content for your site. The first is choosing to write the pages yourself. If you choose this route, we can definitely provide resources to help you produce effective content, edit your completed drafts and/or assist you in uploading and optimizing. That being said, sometimes it can be hard to write about yourself. It can be equally hard to write in a way that will make your practice stand out amongst a vast internet of therapist websites — That’s where the CounselingWise writing team comes in. Our team is dedicated to writing relevant, highly optimized content to help you start connecting with new clients on a regular basis. Please view our Website Options, for a more detailed look at the writing services included with your STWP membership.

First you will choose a platform. We suggest either SquareSpace or WordPress to help control costs, looks and ease of management. Each offers a wide range of customizable website templates, designs and practical tools to build and manage your online presence. Don’t fret if this seems like a foreign language to you right now, your project manager can help you identify the best option for your practice’s goals and budget.

After a platform is chosen, we dive into the design and aesthetics of your new site. At this point, you will let your project manager know if you have any existing design ideas in mind (i.e. layout, fonts, color schemes, etc.). If not, no need to worry — our PMs are happy to make recommendations and suggestions!

The Boost and Breakthrough steps are available to students of Private Practice University. Fortunately, enrolling in our Smart Therapy Websites Program gives you 3 months free access upon sign up!


Please refer to the features below to determine which option better fufills your website goals.

Disclaimer: Anything that requires a license must be purchased separately by you, so that you own it. (i.e. premium WordPress themes, plugins, and photos)

Kick-Off Meeting

(to discuss project goals)

Theme Implementation

(Site Architecture Planning, Best SEO Practices)

Custom Styling

(i.e. layout, colors, fonts, navigation bar, etc.)

Mobile Optimization

(Responsive design)

Google Map Link

(if you have Google MyBusiness)

Google App Integration

(Analytics, Search Console)

Up to Four Specialty Pages

(written/edited by us)

Up to Two Other Pages

(i.e. About, FAQs, written/edited by us)

Privacy Policy / Terms of Service Pages

(written/edited by us)

Photos added to each page desired

(we share paid and free photo sites with you)

Up to Four Blog Posts

(one per specialty, written/edited by us)

Email Support

Social Media Integration

Hosting Services


Free Report Offering

(additional, charged hourly)

Free Quiz Offering

(additional, charged hourly)

Email Autoresponder Integration

(additional, charged hourly)

Event Calendars/Schedulers

(additional, charged hourly)

ECommerce / Shopping Cart Integration

(additional, charged hourly)

RSS Feeds

(additional, charged hourly)

Logo Creation

(additional, charged hourly)

Image Selection

(additional, charged hourly)

Membership Directory

(additional, charged hourly)

Strategy Consultation

(additional $600, click here to learn more)




6 month development window

Available, but limited


You pay separately through Squarespace

Limited Options

Limited Options

Limited Options


for added functionality


6 month development window

Fully customizable within theme options


You can host with us or with another company 


If full payment at time of purchase isn’t workable for you, we also have a financing option!  You can set up a phone call with us and we can get financing approval within 20 minutes.  You can establish a fixed monthly payment over a period of 12 months (interest fee applies) or 6 months-same-as-cash (no interest). If you are interested in this option, please schedule a free 30-min call with us by using the Schedule a Free Consult button below.

Project Timeline

It takes time to create a site that is built correctly, has stellar content, and is fully optimized. We will need your timely participation to finish the project in time. All sites must be completed within six months. *Please note: Any additional updates to your site after six months will be charged on an hourly basis.  Once a website is purchased, there are no refunds.

Are you ready for our Smart Therapy Websites Program?

Dedicated Project Managers

Each STWP member is assigned a project manager. Our PMs serve as the central point of contact between you and CounselingWise, and are here to oversee your website’s creation, as well as support any questions or concerns you may have along the way.

Private Practice University Access

With your purchase of STWP, you get 3 months free access to Private Practice University, where we not only teach about how to modify/add new pages to your website, but also how to promote your website once it is launched.

Professional Writing Services

To reach potential clients, it is imperative to have relatable content on your site. Our writers work with you to write and optimize content for up to 4 specialty pages, privacy policy/terms of service pages, as well as 2 extra pages of your choice!

Beautifully Effective Websites

You’ll receive a super modern, mobile-friendly website that you can customize however you like. And, best of all, you’ll receive peace of mind knowing that your site has quality content that your potential clients can connect with.

We have built and upgraded hundreds of coaching and counseling websites, each with a different combination of specialties, modalities and priorities. There is a great deal of flexibility in therapy website design and the content you can provide to site visitors.

We understand that, without a strategic and knowledgeable approach, the steps you can take may quickly leave you feeling overwhelmed. Which is why, like a support group or a really good insole, we’re there to help you through every step of the process.

SquareSpace Sites We’ve Built

In your search for resources that can provide results, you may have attended our free webinars, watched our 3 Videos You Cannot Afford to Ignore and even memorized the 7 Essentials of Effective Therapy Sites.

You’ve perused this and other counseling sites – you may have even found a therapist website template or design that you like – and now you are ready for the next step. That, or you let someone else do all of that work first, and just took their advice when they said that we know how to build and market counseling sites.

In either case, CounselingWise will not only provide you with a beautiful effective website, but the guidance and support to maintain and continue growing your online presence.

WordPress Sites We’ve Built

As you know, people don’t look things up in the Yellow Pages anymore. Someone may even tell you that you need therapy just for trying to find a phonebook, and that sort of irony just won’t do.

Your clients may be referrals or they are searching Google for things like anxiety treatment. However potential clients find you, they will visit your website before they feel comfortable scheduling your services. In fact, 98% of potential clients view a provider’s website between 5 and 12 times before reaching out for an initial consultation.

Building a strong, effective website is no longer just an option to consider when running your practice, but a necessity. If your website is not attracting clients and communicating your expertise as well as it could be, we can help! Head over to our gallery to learn more about the websites we build.

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