Do You Want to Do Your Own SEO on Your Website with the Help of Our SEO Implementation Group?

If you want to not only learn the ins and outs of how to optimize your own website, but also have the accountability of a group, then this is for you!

SEO is easy. But most therapists never fully learn the exact steps to take, or they never really apply what they learn to their website. This group will solve those problems for you, once and for all.


Become part of this supportive implementation group, and never have to ask these questions again…

  • How do I choose the right keywords?
  • How long should my pages be?
  • What is a meta title?
  • What is a meta description?
  • How do I optimize my photos?
  • Should I hire XYZ SEO company or will they do something to get me in trouble with Google?


The SEO Implementation Group

We are offering a 5 week group called, ‘The SEO Implementation Group,’ to not only review everything we do to rank therapist websites on page 1, but to also guide you through doing the same things on your website. Through this group, we will we cover each step of the SEO process, and then assign homework so you get each piece done in a gradual fashion. During the course, we will teach you:

    • How to determine if you have the correct site structure for SEO to work, and if not, how to determine the changes you need to make
    • How to find the right keywords to focus on, so that you can get as many great-fitting clients as possible
    • How to optimize your content so that you have the best chance possible to rank on page 1 of Google (and other search engines)
    • How to optimize your Google Local Listing
    • The 5 most common SEO mistakes to avoid!


The Course Details

Schedule: TBA

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