Is It That Time Again to Have a Website & SEO Check-up?

You invested time and money to build your private practice website. You created optimized specialty pages and continue to add new content to your site (at least when you have time). It took a lot of effort, but chances are that investment has helped grow your practice. It may have been years since you built your site or did an SEO check-up, however. And, you may not be sure whether it is still operating at an optimal level.

You know the SEO landscape is always changing, but you may not have the time or expertise to make strategic, confident changes. Perhaps website traffic has tapered off recently, and you’re having trouble identifying why. Or, maybe you still have a steady stream of clients, but new client calls and practice growth have plateaued. Alternately, you may not have checked Google Analytics or Google Search Console for months, and you aren’t sure what help you need (if any).

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a professional who could review your website twice a year to address SEO issues and identify new trends and keywords for continued growth?

Most Business Owners Are Too Busy Running Their Practice to Keep Their Site Updated

If you feel like it’s been too long since you’ve reviewed your website, you aren’t alone. Keeping your site updated and optimized takes time and requires specialized knowledge and skills. Making things more difficult, Google is always changing its algorithm. As a result, content and strategies that worked when you launched your site may no longer generate the calls or newsletter opt-ins you have come to expect. You want to focus on running your practice, helping your clients, and fostering work-life balance. And, maintaining a website can take more time or energy than you have.

The good news is that we can perform a regular SEO check-up and identify both outdated optimization and new opportunities. And, after each review, we’ll send the results and a list of actionable steps in an easy-to-understand report.

Why Use CounselingWise to Check Your Site?

At CounselingWise, we aren’t just digital marketing and content experts. We specialize in helping therapists and coaches build well-structured websites with strong SEO and messaging. We have helped hundreds of practitioners build and grow their practice with engaging content and white-hat SEO that really works. We also have foundational knowledge about the potential clients who will be visiting your website so we can communicate clearly what needs to happen to improve and grow your online presence.

We recommend SEO check-ups twice a year to ensure you are always on top of the latest trends and SEO requirements.

What Does the SEO Check-up Include?

Your SEO Check-up includes a two hour overview of your Google Analytics, Search Console, Keyword ranking, Competitive Analysis and brief overview of the hottest trends in SEO that may affect your website’s ability to rank on Google moving forward.

Here’s what we will look at and report on in your SEO Check-up…

    1. Site Performance & Usability
      • Check site aesthetics and performance on common browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari)
      • Review site, image, and link display and performance on tablet and mobile devices
      • Test site performance and speed on several different tools
    2. Google Analytics
      • Check traffic sources – Organic vs Direct vs Social vs Paid vs Referral
      • Report on any Referral Spam coming through Analytics
      • Review Geo tracking to ensure traffic is coming from your local area
      • Check Mobile vs. Desktop vs. Tablet traffic
      • Identify trends and ticks in traffic
      • Review Bounce Rate & New vs. Returning Traffic
      • Determine most popular keywords & landing pages
    3. Google Search Console
      • Report on Schema Markup issues (if applicable)
      • Report on AMP issues (if applicable)
      • List most popular keywords not already listed from Google Analytics
      • Check Mobile Usability Errors
      • Review Google crawl results & resubmit Site Map if necessary
      • Identify needed 301 Redirects & “uncrawl” pages if necessary
      • Check Security Issues
    4. Keyword Ranking
      • Report on targeted keyword ranking in your area and provide graph of changes from previous report
      • Report on other keywords – including long-tail keywords – you’re ranking for
    5. Competitive Analysis
      • Identify top online competitors in your area
      • Analyze keywords you’re ranking for vs. ranking against competition in your area
    6. SEO trends
      • Research SEO and keyword trends and how you can implement changes on your site in preparation for market changes


You may know your website needs help but still have questions about whether an SEO check-up is right for you…

If my website was done correctly when I set it up, why would I need an SEO check-up now?

Google and other search engines are changing their algorithms all the time. They’re valuing mobile site speed more than they used to, for starters. Additionally, many terms that used to show in local results have since been reclassified as national terms. Now, instead of seeing local therapists or coaches when potential clients search “anxiety treatment,” many will see WebMD, the CDC, and similar national organizations.

What if I want to learn about SEO and understand what you’re doing to check my site?

We strive in all of our communications to be very clear about the steps we’re taking and how they will help your website. We provide a variety of SEO and content resources on our website. And if you have any questions throughout our work, we’re happy to provide additional information or schedule a call to discuss your questions or concerns.

I’m worried you’ll suggest tons of changes and this will end up costing more than I want to pay.

Having a website is just like having a home – it needs the occasional maintenance to keep everything functioning the way it should. And, like a house, catching potential problems early can prevent more serious and costly issues in the future. If an issue is preventing your website from ranking or prompting client calls, it’s worth knowing and addressing now. And if you stay on top of SEO changes with a professional check-up every six months, you can keep your site on top of the search rankings while keeping maintenance costs to a minimum.

We’re Standing By to Start Your SEO Check-up!

If you have any questions or you’d like to learn more, click the “Let’s Talk” button below to schedule time with our team. We can discuss your site goals and make sure an SEO check-up is right for your site.

This is a subscription for a check-up and report every six months. Each SEO check-up and report is only $150.

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