SEO Audit for Mental Health Websites

Are Your Clients Struggling To Find You Through Google Searches?

google analytics graphIs your mental health website failing to perform as well as you would like? Are you looking for ways to improve your site’s visibility, but you aren’t sure where to start? You may not be a technical expert, and it can be difficult identifying areas of opportunity in your site’s search engine optimization (SEO). An SEO audit for mental health websites can give you the information and resources you need to improve your website while avoiding common SEO pitfalls.

The truth is that anyone can fall prey to SEO traps and “black-hat” SEO practices, even large companies. In 2011 the retail giant JC Penney fell prey to one of these black-hat SEO providers. For months, JC Penney was showing up as the number one search result for a wide variety of terms. But, when Google determined that the company had used a process known as “link scheming” to improve their search ranking, the website suddenly and dramatically dropped in Google search results.

You can perform an SEO audit to help you understand your site’s search ranking, identify and address issues and capitalize on growth opportunities. But, there is so much information – and so many SEO providers – available on the web that it can feel almost impossible to understand what the best option is for your website. How can you differentiate between good SEO and what we call “black-hat” SEO that can end up hurting your site?

An SEO Audit Can Help You Grow Your Mental Health Website and Client Base

SEO AUDIT PICTUREYour clients, and Google, want to know what it is you do, whether you are the right person to help with their specific issues and whether they can trust you. An SEO audit provides a comprehensive overview of your current website: what you’re doing, how you’re ranking and potential areas of growth for SEO. If you are building a new therapy website or converting an old one, an SEO audit for mental health websites can give you the information you need to boost your visibility. And, because CounselingWise does only “white-hat” SEO – the kind that Google loves – you can feel confident that you are taking your SEO in the right direction, rather than guessing and hoping for the best.

Many services that provide SEO audits will tell you what you are and aren’t ranking for, but their advice may end there. At CounselingWise, we help you understand why you aren’t ranking for a certain search term and what you can do to increase your chances of ranking. In addition to reviewing where each specialty page search term is currently ranking, as part of every SEO audit, we consider a wide variety of factors that could impact your website’s visibility and performance, from backlinks and site speed to whether your website is mobile friendly and has a built in blog. We recognize that good SEO is multifaceted, and we can help you identify and take steps to more effectively target and reach your desired population.

To get the most benefit out of an SEO audit, we recommend that you have at least a few of your specialty pages already completed and accessible on your live website. If you don’t have your specialty pages prepared yet, you may wish to consider using our Specialty Page Blueprint – detailing how to write your own pages – or working with one of our experienced writers to create your content before pursuing an SEO audit for mental health websites.

We Will Look At All of the SEO on Your Website and Let You Know Where to Make Improvements

In your personalized SEO audit, we will look at items such as:

  • Where does your website currently rank?
  • Do you have specific pages for each of your specialties?
  • Does your site have plenty of pages (100 is a good goal)?
  • Is each Specialty page using an appropriate and effective keyword the recommended number of times?
  • Do you incorporate keywords into your page title, SEO title and meta descriptions?
  • Have you updated the alt text for the images on your website?
  • Is the business name, address, and phone number in the footer of every page?
  • Do you have any duplicate content on your website?
  • Do you have any broken links?
  • Is your site mobile friendly?
  • Do you have any malware or are you blacklisted?
  • Do you have a Canonical URL issue?
  • Do you have a suspected backlink problem?
  • Do you have any site speed issues?


Your SEO Audit Results

Once we complete your SEO audit, we will put together a comprehensive report and video walkthrough explaining all of our findings, recommendations and suggested next steps. In addition, for a small additional fee, we’ll give you a call to walk through your SEO audit results. 

*Please note the SEO Audit covers an in-depth review of up to four Specialty pages, with the assumption that the findings we uncover from the first four Specialty pages, will apply to the rest.*

SEO You Can Trust

With so much to gain, why not treat yourself to an SEO audit for mental health websites? And also some ice cream. Because every audit goes better with Mint Chocolate Chip.

If you would like to learn how to perform your own SEO audit, we provide an SEO training course that walks you through not only the audit process, but provides you full SEO training in more than 30 detailed, accessible videos. For one low, flat rate, you can gain access to the resources and coaching you need to understand and take action on your website’s SEO. Click here to learn more. 

Every SEO audit presents its own unique challenges and nuances that an expert can help you work through. At CounselingWise, we understand the subtleties that give your website an edge over your competition, and we consider everything from how people search locally to whether your website will be competing with a movie or television show, like VH1’s Couples Therapy.

How Much Does It Cost?

  • SEO Audit………………………………………..$247
  • SEO Audit with ½ Hour Phone Call………..$297


How Do I Sign Up for an SEO Audit?

If you are ready to identify opportunities on your website and start improving your search rankings, contact us to plan your SEO audit.

Still not sure if you need SEO support? Learn more through one of our webinars on SEO for therapists.

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