This Course Will Ensure You Create a Therapy Website That Works To Bring You Clients
(or Fix The Site You Have That Isn't Working!)

Know What You're Doing Before You Start
Don't Spend 100's of Hours/$1000's to Build or Buy Something That Doesn't Work

Whether You're Doing It Yourself or Hiring Someone,
You Must Understand What You Need!


They Won't. Trust Me.

We Just Reviewed 342 Therapist Websites and 97% of Them Are Not Bringing In Clients

CounselingWise has built more therapy websites that rank on Page 1 of Google than anyone else.

Your Website MUST HAVE Certain Things to Make Your Phone Ring!

If you don't want to SCREW UP your website, you need this course.

As the leading website developer and marketing partner for therapists, we know how to generate clients online.

"I'm up to 22 clients next week. Yay!! Its all working!!”
-- Wendy Crane.

"You can be the best therapist on the block, but if folks don't know how and where to find you - what's the point?”

-- Dr. Jim Davidson, PhD - Davidson Counseling Group


Learn exactly what you need to move forward with confidence.


Map it all out so you're ready to implement a new website or fix an existing one.


Either way, you can rest assured that it's going to be done right.

Enroll for the course now. The course contents are below. Each module was recorded LIVE and is in the member's area for you to watch.

There are two recorded Q&A sessions in addition to the course material to ensure that you gain absolute clarity about what you need on your website.

You will also get access to a Private Facebook Group where you can interact with other members and ask questions.

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What You Will Learn

Course Intro & Site Layout
You will learn what your website needs, in order to generated a steady stream of client calls
Home & Specialty Pages
Breakdown of what you should include on your Home page and Specialty page
Q&A Session​
Your Blog & Blog Silo
What do Blogs do for your site and how you should use them
Other Onsite & Offsite Elements
Optimizing your website and using outside sources to help get found by potential clients
Q&A Session​

What Makes The Therapy Website Clarity Course So Different?

The Therapy Website Clarity course is unique in that it teaches you what you need to know to build a website (yourself, or with help) the right way. It shows you what elements you need to have on your site so that you both rank in Google for therapy terms that potential clients are looking for, AND so that you can impact those potential clients when they come to you. I do not care who builds the website for you. This is not about convincing you to use my platform (I don’t have one) or to use our resources to build your site. You can use any resources you can find, including yourself if you are so inclined!

The problems that exist right now in the therapy industry are these:

  1. Therapists just don’t know how to build websites that get clients.

  2. Many therapists think that any website will do… the check-the-box mentality. But the website doesn’t rank and doesn’t get traffic.

  3. Some think that a “pretty” website will be the solution. It doesn’t matter how pretty it is if no one can find it.

  4. This is why 97% of therapists I talk to aren’t getting any clients from their websites.

  5. There are companies out there promising you results with their solutions… they know that you aren’t knowledgeable enough to make a wise decision, because most don’t know what it takes.

"I loved the look of my site before, but the content wasn't driving enough people to it; people didn't really know what we did. Now it's very clear, very concrete and easy to find information about exactly what it is we do”

-- Lisa Orbè-Austin, Ph.D.

This course is all about enabling you to take control of either creating a new website that works, or making your existing website work. It is meant to empower you to be the architect and general contractor for your site so that either you can do the actual work, or you can hire the workers. Either way, you'll know it's done right, because you'll learn what RIGHT is.

You will have unlimited access to the trainings to go at the pace that works for you. Plus access to a private Facebook group where you can interact with other students and ask questions. Therefore, if you're short on time, now, you can still get a full experience and learn this material thoroughly.

This material will empower you if you are attempting to grow any of the types of private practices listed here:

  • Local (face-to-face) practice in a city
  • Statewide online practice

  • Yes, indeed. This is for people with existing sites, and for folks who are building new.

    2-3 hours should be sufficient to watch the trainings and to do the work that you need to do to create your Website Plan

    No. You will not be implementing anything at this point. The idea is to know WHAT should be implemented. We will also cover how to find a good developer for your website once you have your plan (for those that need this).

    This course is specifically about planning websites for people in private practice. This is not for someone selling courses, selling products, or doing other types of business that don't fall under the umbrella of private practice.

    What’s My Investment?

    How much is ineffective marketing costing you? How many potential clients aren’t finding you when they’re looking for a clinician with your expertise? How many of your weeks are half empty because people aren’t calling? How many people are having to go to less qualified professionals because they couldn't find you? How many potential clients are finding your website then going to a competitor because your content doesn't make it clear why they need to work with you? A lack of good visibility and good website copy may already be costing you a great deal.

    Therapy Website Clarity Course

    $ 297
    • 4 one-hour Recorded Training Sessions
    • 2 Recorded Q&A Sessions
    • Private Facebook Group where you can ask questions 24x7

    Enroll Now For Your Therapy Website Clarity Course.

    Private Practice Marketing Scorecard & 33-Point Diagnostic (Copy)
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