Do You Need Help With Keyword Research So That You Can Rank in Google and Get Client Calls?

Clink the link below to enroll in a Keyword Research Working Session with me

Do You Need Help With Keyword Research So That You Can Rank in Google and Get Client Calls?

Clink the link below to enroll in a Keyword Research Working Session with me

Eliminate SEO Confusion

Position Yourself Properly

Get Continuous Client Calls

How Can You Be Found If You Don’t Make Yourself Findable?

You’ll Leave This Working Session With Your Exact Keywords to Make This Happen

Your Website Will Either Be Visible or the Best Kept Secret on the Internet

“I was just starting to learn about keyword research, and I was concerned this course would be too general for me to really get something out of it, but it was the opposite. I received direct advice based on my own current situation. I would recommend this to anyone thinking of doing keyword research.”

-- Sheldon Reisman

Understand the
Client Journey

Learn how clients look for therapists
so you reach them where they are
and stand out from competitors.

Speak Your
Client’s Language

Know what your
clients are typing into Google.

Market Yourself with Confidence

You’ll have a proven strategy
for attracting and converting
ideal clients online.

Our Simple, Step-by-Step Process Has More Therapists On Page One of Google Than Any Other Company

Never Ending Calls Start With Strategic Keyword Research

Prior to attending your working session, you will do the prep work that will walk you through the process of taking inventory of the training, knowledge, skills and experience you have. This is the fodder you bring into the keyword research process. (I'll give you example of what you need to bring to the session with you).

Then in the working session, I'll help you do the actual keyword research for your practice in your city so that you leave with your target focus keywords (4 of them) to properly position your practice for never-ending client calls.


Pre-session training and homework


Working session with Becky


Leave with 4 focus keywords

What People Are Saying About Learning This System

“Before taking this course, I was trying to figure out how to determine what people in my area are searching for in terms of therapy so that I could create a successful practice. Becky delivered great content and gave me a lot of clarity. The course was exactly what I wanted and needed.”

-- Trish Pottersmith

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Why Should You Do the Keyword Research Working Session With Becky?

Getting found in the sea of therapists and coaches is a feat in and of itself, but even if you accomplish that, how much of your website traffic is converting to phone calls? And are these calls, if they are coming, the right kind of calls? Most therapists and coaches don’t have years of marketing experience, thus the nuances of an impactful “website experience" may not only evade you, but it might also surprise you.

And let’s go back to getting found. Are you visible for your specialties? Do you even know how people look for help in regard to what you do? And do you know how to be found for multiple search terms that people use (not just one)? The directories you choose to be in matter, also, as well as the copy you use in those directory listings.

What about your Google My Business Listing (if you have one)? Do you appear in the 3-pak at the top of page 1 for multiple search terms? Finally, social media may not be the best way to attract therapy or coaching clients, but if you’re using it correctly, it can certainly help. How is your engagement in those channels?

If you’ve already done a ton of work on your website and implemented REAL search engine optimization (as opposed to the frivolous SEO that most “experts" hawk), there may be other things in the way of your success. You may have malware, detrimental backlinks, site speed issues or other issues that could be the cause of Google suppressing your site. Until those things are addressed, all your hard work will be futile.

Thus, we dig in. And dig deeper. And, after we analyze each of these components of your marketing, we walk you through the analysis in a video. This ensures that you understand what we are referring to, instead of feeling like you’re just reading a bunch of gibberish. We speak directly to you —and YOUR specific site, directory listings and other marketing — and show you where the holes are. These are not generalities. The video is uniquely yours. It covers every facet of your site and your online presence.

What’s My Investment?

Keywork Research Working Session

One Time Payment
$ 50
  • Each session is up to 2 hours with each attendee getting individual attention
  • Each attendee will leave with up to 4 focus keywords
  • Recording of session provided after you submit feedback

Who is Becky DeGrossa, anyway?

Becky DeGrossa, M.A., founder of CounselingWise, initially started as a therapist growing her own private practice. She mastered the art of steady client calls, and found that she loved marketing more than sitting in the therapist's seat. Becky has helped over 500 therapists build websites that rank on Page 1 of Google, and she's extemely happy that therapists using her system are doing well during the pandemic.

Choose one of these scheduled working sessions

(Note: if you want to do this work with Becky but you cannot attend one of these sessions, please get on our waiting list and we’ll let you know when more sessions are scheduled.)

Wednesday, September 2nd at 2 PM PT 3 PM MT 4 PM CT 5 PM ET

Cost: $50

Friday, September 18th at 10 AM PT 11 AM MT 12 PM CT 1 PM ET

Cost: $50

There is no guarantee that I will be holding future sessions, as it depends on the demand. If you absolutely cannot make one of these sessions, please get on our waiting list and we’ll notify you of future sessions.

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