Indexing Assessment and Push Services

We help private practices get their pages indexed on Google.

Is your private practice's website affected by indexing issues?

Due to the massive requirements of computing power needed to catalog websites, Google can't keep up with all of the pages that need to be indexed.
Our Google Indexing Assessment Service analyzes your website to ensure that the pages that need to be indexed are indexed, so that your site gets in front of the eyes of the people who matter: your potential clients.

We create a unique report for each client (in typically no less than 1 week) letting you know if you have pages that aren't indexed on Google.
Examples of websites with indexing issues.

Indexing Assessment Service

* A deep analysis of your site's URLs, and a report for you

* The assessment takes about 1 week

* We’ll report how many pages are missing and what we will charge to address the issue.

What we are doing
*We quickly got 46 pages indexed for a group practice with offices in Houston and San Antonio.

*We also just got 11 pages indexed for a therapist in New Jersey with a new site where half of her pages weren’t indexed. We’re still in process on this one. We should get 3 more indexes soon.

*We are now including an indexing PUSH in all new sites we develop.

How you can address the issue...

NOTE: Checking to see if you have this problem is somewhat technical. So, you can do it in one of two ways:
Approach 1: Via Google Search Console

1 Sign into Google Search Console with your Google ID

2. Enter your website’s domain to add a property

3, Verify your website through your DNS provider (or domain registrar)

4. Once this is done, check the Index Coverage Report in your Google Search Console account


Manually submit via Google Search Console

You can do this, one URL at a time. However, many are reporting that this method is not very reliable!

Also, you’ll need to keep checking back every 3-4 days to see if indexed and if not, submit again.

Approach 2: Use an outside crawler and an Index scanning tool

1. Download a website crawler tool (we suggest Screaming Frog)

2. Crawl your site to get all of your URLs

3. Sort by Content Type and select only the Text/HTML pages as these contain the pages that should be indexed

4. Put all of these pages into a spreadsheet and remove any pages that shouldn’t be indexed (such as category and tag pages, no-index pages, etc.)

5. Set up an account in an index checking tool (We use - you will need to buy credits as this is a paid tool).

6. Load all of your URLs into the tool to check your indexing status


Bulk submit your unindexed URLs via an indexing tool

(We suggest - a paid tool)

Or... we can assess your indexing issue for you!
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