How To Know If You Have Broken Links On Your Therapy Website

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What is a Broken Link?

A broken link on your website is simply a link that doesn’t work. Not only does a broken link provide a poor user experience, but it can also negatively impact your SEO and your Google search ranking.

Broken Links and Search Engines

Search engines don’t like to see broken links, and the main reason is because search engines want to provide really great content for the searchers. If your website has a bunch of broken links, it’s not going to be a great search results for the searchers themselves. Search engines really do want to see live links that are not broken so they can provide a good user experience for all of the searches on Google.

How to Find Broken Links on Your Website

To find broken links on your website, we recommend a great tool called Siteliner. Type in your URL and if you have any broken links on your site, Siteliner will tell you so you can fix them or just completely remove them from your sites.

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