How to Become THE Expert in Your Community (& Grow Your List!)

become-the-expert-in-your-communityTrying to figure out how to stand out in your community, especially as THE expert, can be a daunting task. The mere thought can cause stress levels to rise, especially if you have no idea how to achieve it.

Even if you have all the right pieces in place online — a strong website, solid SEO, blog posts, an email list, directory listings, etc — standing out amongst a large community of therapists is hard, especially if you live in a large, competitive city.

It like trying to figure out how to stand out in a box of crayons.

In 2013, I was in the same boat as most of you probably are. I was trying to determine how to market CounselingWise, get more clients, and really become known as an expert. After several failed attempts, I developed a different approach, and I committed to presenting at least one webinar per month for an entire year. Since then, CounselingWise has grown by 260% and our email list has nearly quadrupled. I owe much of our success to webinars and know that webinars can help therapists grow their practice too.

So, today I want to talk to you about why webinars and teleseminars work, and how you can start using them to set yourself apart from the competition (and grow your email list!).

Why Webinars and Teleseminars Work

Here is our complete list of reasons why webinars and teleseminars work for building your practice, distinguishing yourself as an expert in your community, and building your list.

1. You have something concrete and specific to offer

As opposed to just having a static website with great information, when you have a teleseminar or webinar, you have something that is very concrete and very specific to offer. This is a huge difference than just a website that is sitting there.

2. This offering has a time limit

A teleseminar or webinar is a scheduled event. Therefore, it propels people to make a decision about wanting to take the opportunity to attend, and to take action! Compare this to a blog post on your site, on your website in general, that they can return to whenever. With a webinar or teleseminar, they are forced to take action now.

3. Rather than visiting your site for 1-3 minutes, people will focus on you for much longer

If you were to look at your Google Analytics, you would probably see that the average visitor duration is between 1 and 3 minutes (4 minutes is awesome). Another great thing about offering webinars is you get people tuning into your website for a much longer duration. This means that you are getting a large amount of attention for the length of your presentation (Your presentation can be any span of time — I recommend no longer than 1 hour).

4. The digital format drives attendance (vs. face to face)

Presenting online, as opposed to face to face, will drive a much larger attendance rate than if you were to offer it in person, say at a library or school. With webinars and teleseminars, no one has to get in their car and drive to you. Its convenient for the attendees AND for you, which means more attendance!

5. Your webinar/teleseminar will KEEP delivering moving forward

Unlike in-person talks, with teleseminars and webinars your presentation will be saved in digital format. That means you can reuse the content in multiple places — on your website, on Youtube, social media — to market your private practice. Its a gift that keeps giving!

6. Your potential clients can get to know you

Aside from what you share in your content on your website, your About page, and your blog posts, it can be tough to really communicate who you are as a person to your potential clients. With teleseminars and webinars, you allow people to learn a little more about your personality, the way you speak, how you talk about certain topics, and more.

7. You will grow your email list

Last but not least on the list of benefits of offering webinars and teleseminars is your email list! By offering events such as these to your list, you will not only increase engagement with your current list, but you will also get more people signing up for your list. The larger list will allow you to market your events to a larger group of people, and increase your attendance.

How To Be Successful with Teleseminars and Webinars

The key to being successful with teleseminars and webinars is consistency. Regardless of the number attendees at your first, second, or even third webinar, you must stay consistent with your presentations. The first webinar I presented had 3 registrants! Today, we have nearly 500 people sign up for our webinars each month. Why? Because we are consistent!

The following are additional steps to take to be successful:

1. Create a topic that your audience is interested in

Consider your audience when brainstorming topics for your teleseminars or webinars. You want to present on a compelling topic that will make it worth their time.

2. Create a STRONG title and intriguing bullet points

You must first catch someone’s attention! If you have a great title for your teleseminar or webinar, more people are willing to sign up.

3. Create an email campaign (following a specific schedule)

Put together an email campaign to promote your teleseminar or webinar. You want to make sure to follow a specific schedule with these emails, and not send them out too far in advance.

4. Offer your event to others not on your email list

Promote your event to anyone you think would benefit! If you are giving a presentation on childhood anxiety, for example, send an invite to pediatricians and family doctors – they can tell their patients or let the parents of those children know, school counselors, other psychotherapists, speech therapists, your local paper, etc.

5. Post the recording so it works for you in the future

Continue to use your presentation, even after the live event, on your website, blog, social media, etc. The recording will bring you business even months after you initially presented it.

Are you using teleseminars or webinars to market your private practice? If so, what have you found that works? Doesn’t work?

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