“My Practice”/”My Team” Page Questionnaire (short form)

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For most of us, writing about our practice or ourselves is hard. So when filling out this questionnaire, just let it flow. Don’t censor yourself. The writer will take the job of integrating information to make you sound likeable, trustable, and credible. And you can edit out anything you don’t like.

Please answer the questions in this form in your own words as much as possible—instead of simply copy/pasting information from elsewhere—because we want to know what you find important to be included in the content so we can create a unique page for each topic/specialty. Clear and specific answers are best -- not necessarily long ones.

(TO KEEP IN MIND: Answer only the questions that provide the information you would like to have on this page. For those that do not apply to your practice, simply put N/A.)

General Information About Your Practice

IMPORTANT NOTE: You may wish to use this page to provide short bios for each one of your therapists, talking about their backgrounds or approaches. If you have not already done so, please talk to our Writing Department Manager about questionnaires for these bios: writingdepartment@counselingwise.com.

Extra Information


-- The CounselingWise Writing Team
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