Finally, a Comprehensive System to Jump Start Your Online Presence!

Have You Discovered the Full Private Practice Roadmap Yet?

If you haven’t discovered the Full Private Practice Roadmap yet…

you need to check this out…
The Full Private Practice Roadmap by CounselingWise

This Roadmap has been in the making for 10 years.

After working with 100’s of therapists and coaches…
…and ranking their websites on page 1 of Google…
…in cities as saturated as New York City, San Francisco and LA, and as small as Wichita Falls, Tx…
we’ve distilled the Roadmap down to 9 crucial steps.

The beauty of the roadmap is that it not only establishes a solid foundation for your online presence…

…but you also know exactly what to do each month, once you’ve experienced the journey.

When you follow this system, you provide more value for your potential clients, keep them on your website longer, so they get to know you better and continue to rank higher, getting more and more visibility for your practice.

First, you get crystal clear on your niche(s), ensuring that there is demand for your services…

Next, you create pages on your website that speak directly to your potential client’s specific pain, and provide them with hope…

And then you build your site the right way so that Google puts it on page 1.

The magic begins.

You see an increase in your phone calls,
…and a change in the feel of those calls…
…from tire kickers (before)
…to perfectly fitting clients (now).

If you were on insurance panels before, no longer.

Not charging a full fee before, you change that.

Accepting clients that didn’t thrill you, no more.

Once you are in demand, everything changes.

If you want help getting this Roadmap in place for your practice in as little as 60 days, we are now accepting applications to our Smart Therapy Website Program.

In this program, we do the entire BUILD level of the roadmap for you.

If you:
– Are a therapist in private practice who is serious about your career
– Have a minimum of 5-10 clients already and want to get to the next level
– And you’re ready to invest, financially, to get there faster…

Click here to apply.

Talk soon,

– Becky

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