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I literally got so busy that I hired more therapists, doubled my office space and still have therapists with waiting lists.
— Melissa Satti, MA, LPC, NCC

In 2013, Melissa Satti had already started her small group practice in Ann Arbor, Michigan. She had three therapists on her team and wanted to continue to expand, and she understood that meant improving her online presence so that she could attract more potential clients. But with a small child at home and a practice to run, she was struggling to find time to update her website and expand her visibility. So, in December 2013 Melissa came to CounselingWise for us to complete a marketing analysis for her. In the analysis, we identified several steps that could be taken to significantly improve her online marketing, including changes to her site structure, content additions and modifications, better SEO and a change in her URL. And after just 14 months, the collaborative and targeted approach she developed with us has led her to open a second office and hire 12 additional therapists.

The Challenge: Increase Practice Stability And Find New Leads To Continue Growth

Melissa saw an opportunity to expand her practice, but it would require increased stability and a larger client base in a limited timeframe. She had already built a website that highlighted her work in women’s counseling, but it wasn’t performing as well as she knew it could. Additionally, Melissa supervises other therapists who need advice as they consider starting their own private practice, but a struggling website was limiting her ability to reach these potential clients. She knew there were steps she could take to boost her online presence – like regular blogging – and she was committed to growing her practice. But there were only so many hours in the day, and Melissa knew she could use a helping hand.

So, with her entrepreneurial spirit and background with technology, Melissa approached CounselingWise in search of a marketing partner who understood her clients and could help make her group practice more visible.

The Solution: Updated SEO, Expanded Content and Ongoing Blog Support

When Melissa started working with CounselingWise, she was committed to getting the most out of her website. Melissa had already built her own website, and she understood how effective a strategic approach to online presence and marketing could be. So, with a goal to both stabilize and grow her practice, Melissa came to CounselingWise for a long-term strategy that could deliver short-term growth.

Initially consulted to provide blog content for Melissa, we ended up performing a bit of an overhaul on her website, boosting SEO and improving content. We began by changing her URL and optimizing all existing pages to rank higher in search results. By redesigning the navigation and page layouts on the site, we were able to increase the amount of time potential clients were on the site and the number of pages they visited. In addition, we added specialty pages, lengthened others and included practitioner photos and biography links where appropriate, giving clients a more informative, welcoming experience.

My office assistant keeps telling me “whatever you are doing, it is working!
— Melissa Satti, MA, LPC, NCC

On top of these strategically planned updates, we were able to identify and execute a complicated malware fix on Melissa’s site and help reinstate her site to its original form and content. As her practice steadily grows, CounselingWise continues to provide blog content. And we just implemented a therapist-finder on her website, allowing potential clients to search by specialty for therapists within Melissa’s group practice.

Results: After Just 14 Months Melissa Satti’s Group Practice Hired 12 New Therapists And Doubled Its Office Space

Melissa had approached CounselingWise for help creating a more dynamic online presence in order to establish a more stable, growing group practice. After only six months working with Melissa, she had already hired two new therapists to keep up with the growth of her practice. And in just over one year she was so busy she needed 16 therapists and a new office in West Ann Arbor to keep up with client demand. Because of the practice’s success and her partnership with CounselingWise, Melissa is able to spend more time with her family and less time working on her website.

I used Counselingwise and have had a tremendous surge in business as a result… I would recommend having them really analyze your site too and do whatever they tell you.
— Melissa Satti, MA, LPC, NCC

Are you interested in learning more about how you can improve your online presence and search results to help you attract and convert clients? We invite you to contact us today.

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