Why Business Coaching with CounselingWise and Kathryn Bloom?

Concerned businesswoman holding her headDo you have ideas about how you want to grow your practice and live your life, but the demands of maintaining your business and keeping up with day to day life often leave you feeling exhausted and overwhelmed?

Perhaps you have tried expanding your reach on your own but struggled to keep up with your goals and achieve the results you wanted.

Or, maybe you’ve been working with CounselingWise, and you want more one-on-one support to develop and carry out plans for your individual practice, but you don’t feel like you have the time or tools to juggle all of life’s demands, let alone add another task to your To-do List.

Perhaps, like many therapists and coaches, you feel that because you spend so much time and energy supporting others, you shouldn’t need a coach to help you manage challenges in your own life or career.

Whether you are fresh out of school, moving to a new market or struggling to keep up with your professional responsibilities, a business coach can help you set priorities to get started on the right foot, from selecting the best software for client management to making time for exercise. A supportive partner can provide accountability, encouragement, and objective feedback to help you get the most out of your money, time and energy. With the right coaching, you can make practical enhancements in your business and life while also exploring your mindset and gaining a new perspective on how you can approach obstacles and challenges.


Two smiling businesswomen working on a document as they sit close together at a desk in the office, one is Caucasian and the other is African American


With my coaching, consulting, and corporate experience you can feel confident in my marketing knowledge (particularly the approach used by CounselingWise), but also other aspects of running a business. Also, my coaching approach focuses on creating greater Freedom for my clients, and as a result, sessions will be dedicated to achieving goals and milestones while exploring and expanding choice and balance in your life.

In addition to gaining a collaborative partner and supportive ally, working with a personal coach can provide a variety of benefits, depending on your personal and professional goals and needs:

  • Create a new, more realistic relationship with Time.
  • Establish habits that bring more mindfulness into your work and life choices.
  • Gain clarity around your vision for your practice and life and learn to set clear priorities.
  • Implement strategies and tools to help stay focused and increase productivity.
  • Learn to delegate responsibility and decide when and what tasks to outsource.
  • Increase your success rate by preparing short- and long-term strategies before taking action.
  • Create a personal organizational system that works for home and work, including automated procedures when appropriate.
  • Explore job and life satisfaction issues and support changes to reduce stress and foster a sense of energy, balance and well-being.


Whether you are already working with CounselingWise or are considering other options as you grow your practice and online presence, business coaching can supplement the work you are doing and help guide you in creating a practice and life that is uniquely yours. I believe we all deserve to have that kind of support in our lives!


Business Coaching Packages


Touch of Freedom (6-week Package)*

Man and golden lab sitting under a tree gazing at the mountainsThe A Touch of Freedom coaching package helps you make fast-moving and hard-hitting changes to make a difference in your business quickly. Over the course of six dynamic, 50-minute coaching sessions, you will be introduced to simple and effective concepts, tools and techniques, as well as customized resources and plans that will help you achieve your goals.

You set the goals throughout our work together, and we can focus on any area where you hope to grow or learn new skills, from exploring additional marketing opportunities and time management strategies to writing a book or maintaining work-life balance. To support you in making these changes, you also gain access to my powerful, online CoachAccountable Portal, which provides additional resources, regular email support, and metrics to help you achieve (not just talk about) positive change in your personal life and career.

In addition to the practical coaching elements, I always explore how your mindset, decisions or behavior may be contributing to the challenges you are facing. By taking a bigger picture view and seeing your personal and professional challenges from a new perspective, you can come to a deeper understanding of how you need to approach your work to feel confident, successful and satisfied.


CoachAccountable Portal

screen shots of Business Coaching Portal by CounselingWise



Breaking Free (3-month Package)*

Brunette in a green shirt, lying on her back in the grass with a book lying face down on her stomachThe Breaking Free coaching package includes 12 deep-dive, 50-minute coaching sessions to help you create meaningful and lasting change in all areas of your life.

Of course, you will also receive all of the practical business strategies, tools and benefits you have in the Touch of Freedom program, as well as access to my powerful, online CoachAccountable Portal.




In addition, the Breaking Free package includes:

  • EXTRA Check-in Calls at critical points along your road to change.
  • Motivational BONUSES, customized to your needs to help keep you on track throughout your journey.
  • A CHEAPER PER SESSION RATE than the Touch of Freedom package and you get more benefits!


*Payment plans are available for the Touch of Freedom and Breaking Free Packages.


Free to Change (single, 1-hour call)

Have a specific question or issue with which you are working? In this call, we’ll focus on you finding clarity around the situation, outline the high-level plan and detail the ‘Next 3 Steps.’ The result will be a working plan that you can take away and implement!


How do I get started?

If you are ready to take your practice AND LIFE to the next level, or if you have questions about how you can go from confusion and overwhelm to clarity and productivity, please email me at kathryn[@]counselingwise.com or click here to schedule a FREE 30-minute Discovery Session. During this call, we can explore your goals and make sure you feel like this is the right fit for your needs.

I look forward to talking with you!

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What Clients Are Saying:

“It’s amazing! I have the same amount of time in the day as I did before, but by working with you, I have been able to get more accomplished AND have more free time (which is also free from stress…which before, my free time would have been full of stress). More freedom + more accomplishment + less stress. What more could I want!? “
~ Wellness Coach, Tate R.


“I have a sense of trust in you…I ‘feel’ your integrity. Also, it appears you have my best interest at heart.”
~ ACT Therapist, Brenda B.