Becky DeGrossa

DBT Training For Therapists

Originally developed through experimentation with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), is an increasingly common treatment method. As a specialized treatment, DBT was designed to help those struggling with strong emotional responses by taking an approach that seems contradictory on the surface: DBT encourages both acceptance and change. Initially developed for treating BPD, DBT …

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Eating Disorder Training For Therapists

Eating disorders are incredibly complex, and often badly misunderstood by the public. An eating disorder can present itself in many different ways, and encompasses much more than an aversion to food. Understandably, treating eating disorders requires care and specialist knowledge. Many who wish to train as an eating disorder therapist are deeply passionate about the …

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Different Types Of Narcissists

Narcissistic personality disorder is a clinical diagnosis defining those with a feeling of self-importance that impacts quality of life. But narcissism can present itself in many ways. While there is only one formally recognized diagnosis, not all narcissists will exhibit the same behaviors. Some researchers categorize narcissism into five types: grandiose, covert, antagonistic, communal, and …

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